Thursday, October 7, 2010


I think I have given up on this blog.

People usually blog when they have something to talk about. Or something they want to share. Or they have a purpose in blogging or whatever.

Lately, I don't have anything I want to talk about.

Blogger is also becoming more outdated. A lot of people are switching over to tumblr. and i find myself leaning in that direction too. I haven't quite decided but its quite safe to say that this should be one of my last posts on blogger.

As i graduate from high school, FINALLY. in about 3 weeks.
It's a big change. Im heading off to university next year. Probably time for a change as well here. Not that i blog much. Haha. okay.

Thats about it.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

New phone!

So its been a while since my last post.

Things to talk about:
1. msia
2. new phone
3. freaking load of assignments
4. wace schedule

ok so in that ordeeeer:

MALAYSIA! went back for the holidays. was awesome of course. =)

celebrated my 18th birthday there! yo peeps im 18!!!!! just making sure thats like out there of course! =)
some photoss
trying to choose the best ones to represent eveeeerything.
shu han my twin sister and kah lok
 dev me hui ying shuk. <3
cant be bothered captioning the rest.

the 5. =)

so yea basically since a picture says a thousand words. i think im done describing msian trip.
cept for when i went hometown see grandma. seriously. 2 boring daaaays.
but other than that. allll good.

now i got my new hp!!!!!
thats my awesome nokia x6

so i was really worried i wouldnt like it but i LOVE it. so far. cept that i cant really access internet properly. but gonna go resolve that soon. 
phone comes free on a cap. sooo. my parents still owe me. =) 

and now on to my freakishly huge load of assignments. aaaah. after this. im gonna nerd. NERD. 
everyone is complaining how next week is gonna be hell for them. thank goodness im not taking UMAT. cuz then my life would be extra hell too. 

and finally my end year examination schedule - WACE came out yesterday. 
so its not too bad i guess. 2 exams per week. but what sucks is that most everyone finishes a week before me!!!! =( but i shouldnt complaiin? but i am. =( sigh.

oh well. thats alllllll for now. =S
catch up soon folks.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Thursday, July 1, 2010

hp's. irony?

why abbreviations suck

sometimes, saying it out loud is what counts. i love you. 3 important words that are not said enough.

Also. I want. no NEED a new phone.
got my eye on one already. =D
but i've just been checking it out online. gonna go to a store on sat and test it out.
cuz its a touch screen phone. so not sure bout it yet.
wanna have a look at it? =) here u go....

ALSO. a birthday shoutout to my mate Livia Chan Lih Wen. =D
1st july baby. 
i already wrote on ur fb wall. =)
but cheers mate. =) glad we're friends after everything is said and done.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


My mum loves shoving this story in my face.

You see. 7 years ago. a few weeks before my birthday.
I sent an email to my dad.
detailing a list of things i would like for my birthday present.
11 year old me was very smart yes. =)

and one item on that list wassss. dum dum dum.
yes. i put that i wanted a dog la. and safe to say. there he is. not a recent photo. prob taken like 2 years ago. but let me tell u he hasnt changed la.

anyway. i have never done a repeat of the list thing.

until now.
considering a few things i want. =0
so should i?

p.s. i ranked that list.
p.p.s i don't remember what else i put on that list.
p.p.p.s i love my dad. (for good measure +) )